About me

A few years ago I was first introduced to HTML and CSS where I found my passion for coding.

I have been expressing my creativity from an early age.
Over the years I have developed an eye for detail that I now use for designing websites.

Thanks to my experience working in retail, I can respond well to the needs of the customer.
This insight ensures that I am able to make a website user-friendly and accessible.

I have now continued my career at Techgrounds where I've been able to specialize my self in Front-end Development.

Also I am extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills and to grow more professionally



React, Redux, Firebase.


Techstack: React, Redux, Firebase.

This is my second project in React where in React where I also worked with Redux, and Firebase.


React, API.

Weather app

Techstack: React, API.

This is my first project in React where I worked with React and API's.



T' Ukjesparadijs

Techstack: Wordpress

This project was made for a client who wanted to start her own daycare.
I made this project with my brother (Full-Stack Developer).


Coming soon

More projects coming soon

More projects are coming soon!